BIAB 2008 De naam kon niet beter gekozen zijn, want het programma stelt op afroep inderdaad een heel orkest ter beschikking. In feite zelfs honderden orkesten met alle mogelijke bezettingen en bovendien n staat om in evenzoveel stijlen te spelen. Omdat het geheel op midi-aansturing is gebaseerd volgen daaruit ook de grote voordelen van dat protocol, zoals goede notatiemogelijkheden, onbeperkte wijziging van toonsoort en tempo zonder enig verlies in kwaliteit, eenvoudige aanpassing van essentiŽle parameters (plaatsing in het stereobeeld, galm en andere effecten, volume) en een vrije keuze (ook achteraf) van de toe te passen instrumenten.
BIAB At the present time there are over 1000 BIAB files loosely categorized. These will be sorted by specific style at a later date. Some of the styles contained in these files are User created, so we have included these styles for your convenience in a separate download. All are in ZIP format and must be extracted using WinZip or similar utility.
Jazz Our part of the world is where jazz began. But we're also known as Cajun land, home of the best cuisine in the world. The 'Big Easy', that's New Orleans to those of you in Burbank, is also known as the biggest party town in the world. What more could you ask for? Good music, good food, and 'let the good times roll'. Or as us Cajun French would say, 'laisse le bon temps rouler'. And by the way, we've given our site a little renovation. Should make it easier to navigate. Have fun.
Oude jazz Wonderful American Popular Songs from the first half of the twentieth century have become established as the indispensable framework for jazz. They have a structure and characteristics immediately identifiable as 'Our Kind Of Music', they all go 'the same old way'!
The Real Book This is a collection of over 500 Real Book tunes in "Band in a Box" format. This focuses mostly on Jazz but there is some Pop stuff as well. The versions of these songs were NOT... done by our friends at P.G. Music